In 2012, Holy Cross School embarked on an ambitious project to move our school and students to the forefront of integrated technology education. Supported by our families, that initiative has grown and expanded and is a cornerstone of the school’s efforts to produce graduates who are ready to meet the world and succeed.

Through funding sources and the generosity of parents and benefactors, Holy Cross joined the State of Maine’s Learning and Technology Initiative (MLTI). This program provides technology devices to students and faculty throughout the state in participating school districts. For Holy Cross, the challenge was to fund the program given our private school status.

Through MLTI, Holy Cross now provides:

Student devices become theirs throughout the school year. They are taken home and used for school work throughout the year.

In addition, Holy Cross has developed a number of other resources and technologies to assist in making technology a tool in the educational toolbox.

Holy Cross has:

Holy Cross is dedicated to the complete education of our students and technology plays a significant role.