Parent –Teacher Team

Parent School Communication

The education of each student is a joint effort between the school staff and the parents.
It is essential that parents support the school’s philosophy and rules. When the school staff and parents work together the student’s success is assured. If any misunderstanding arises, the parents should call for an appointment to meet with the teacher to discuss the situation. All teachers have e-mail addresses that can be found on the school web site. Check with your child’s teacher to see if email is a good form of communication to use when communicating about school issues. Ongoing communication is the key to our success.

Parents as Partners

As partners in the educational process at Holy Cross School, we ask that parents:

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled through an electronic scheduling program.  A notice will go out notifying the parents when the “window” is open to schedule your conference.  If you are having difficulty scheduling your conference come to the school and we will help you navigate the system and get you scheduled for conferences.

Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled each year in the fall and the spring to discuss all aspects of your child’s progress. However, parents are urged to contact their child’s teacher whenever they have a concern. Remember, your child has several teachers. If you feel there are issues or circumstances affecting your child’s behavior, welfare or learning, please address all of the teachers involved.

Teacher Ease (a software program allowing parental monitoring of school work) is available for grades 3 - 8 so parents can monitor their child’s academic progress on-line through the “parent portal”.  A password is assigned to the parents in the beginning of the year so parents can access this feature.


Once a week, usually on Friday, notices are sent home via the e-mail list.  The Holy Cross website and Facebook page also reflect informational items and photos.  All teachers post academic assignments and long-term projects on their Moodle page.  The Moodle page is updated weekly as assignments change as well as daily if needed.