Hours And Schedule

Daily Routines

School is in session from 8:45am to 3:00pm for all grades, Pre-K through Gr. 8. At no time should children be dropped off prior to 8:20am unless they sign in to Before Care. At 8:20am the students signed in to Before Care go outside and join the other students being dropped off by parents. When the 8:35am bell rings, all students line up in their assigned class area on the playground and enter the building in an orderly fashion. Students need to be in their classrooms in the beginning and closing of school in order to hear daily prayers and special announcements.

Drop Off and Pick up –School Parking Lot:  School Safety

The safety of our students is paramount. The combination of moving vehicles and active students is always a problem. Please follow these guidelines for bringing vehicles onto campus. Due to the fact that we share the parking lot with Holy Cross Church, many of our parking areas may not be permanently marked. We will use orange cones as needed to establish boundaries for vehicles coming onto the school parking lot.

Restricted area:
Between 7:00am and 5:00pm no vehicle shall drive into, stop or park in the yellow lined no parking area directly outside the gym/cafeteria windows (against the school building).  This is a safe area for students, parents and staff to walk. If you come into school during the day and need to park your vehicle in the designated parking lot, however, your vehicle must be moved by 2 pm to another location in order for the car line to be unobstructed during dismissal.

Morning Drop Off:
In driving to school for morning drop off enter the Holy Cross parking lot through entrance closest to Broadway and exit out the parking lot through the other lot opening half way up the street.

Afternoon Pick Up:
Students are dismissed at 3:00pm with their class/teacher.
Two ways to pick up your child(ren):  car-line and outer parking lot.


Outer Parking Lot: